Last September, the Congressional Research Service issued a report that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had cost American taxpayers about $1.12 trillion. That is 1.12 million million dollars. Yet, the Tea Party and its lackeys have the cojones to say it’s the unions that are destroying our economy. Huh? Or as the kids say, “WTF?”

In 2010, the average teacher in the USA earned something less than $45,000, but for the sake of argument let’s round it up to $45,000. For $1.12 trillion, you could pay about 25 million teachers for a year. Since there are only about 3 million teachers in the USA, you could pay all of them for eight years. Or you could give every teacher a raise to $90,000, which is only tw0-thirds of the average BONUS paid out last year to Wall Street executives.

The average cop makes $49,000 and the average firefighter earned $48,000 last year, so you can do the math yourself. It ain’t the public sector unions that are bankrupting this country.