The Wasilla Snowbilly says Tea Party candidates should get their message out through Fox and should avoid the “lamestream media.” Of course this is because the “lamestream media” is prejudiced and out to spread lies about the Tea Party, not because people like Christine O’Donnell (or Sharron Angle or anyone of a number of other nutbags) can’t string together two coherent sentences. To me, this seems similar to blaming your shoes and the gum when you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time; it can’t be because something’s wrong with YOU, can it?

If I ever…EVER start dressing up in costumes like this, please just send me to the home…immediately!

I reserve my sympathy for people who deserve it. WTF were they thinking?

As we commemorate this anniversary of September 11 (AKA 9-11), I want to offer a huge thank you to the Republican Party, without whom we’d almost certainly be worshipping Allah and eating couscous on a daily basis. And while I know you’ve been more than willing to take credit for everything good and to pass blame for everything bad to the Democrats (and god knows they deserve blame), I want to express my deep appreciation to Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, the Paul boys (Ron, Rand and Ru), Dick Cheney, John McCain, the players and coaches of the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Steele, and the entire membership of the NRA.

Pat yourselves on the back, my friends. And on behalf of everyone, thanks for letting us live in your wonderful country!

Leave Loserville behind forever! It’s true! Women LOVE counter-terrorism experts and here’s YOUR chance to earn your Associate of Arts degree in Counter-Terrorism Studies!

If you think Rushbo, Beck and Palin have stumbled onto something new, you might consider the parallels with the Great Depression. During that time, there arose a group of demogogues who were adept at stirring up passions without offering any solutions. Here are three that come to mind:

Huey Long –– Sarah Palin is the Huey Long of our era without the white suit and all the sweat. While the issues are quite different, the modus operandi is the same: position yourself as a rogue, rabble rouse a base outside the political establishment, base your appeal on personal charisma. You can say wild-ass things for which you will never be accountable. If you look at Palin’s record (over the cup of coffee and half a doughnut she was governor), she’s not quite as rogue-y as she’d have you think. She claims to be an outsider opposed to big government, but Alaska gets more in federal handouts per person than any other state. Sort of the Lone Ranger with an allowance from Daddy to keep Trigger fed.

Father Coughlin — The Rev. Charles Coughlin, a Canadian Catholic priest, was one of the first demogogues to use the power of mass media. At one point, he had 45 million listeners tuning in to his radio program…and that in a country half the size of the US of today! Rush Limbaugh’s schtick has its roots in the Coughlin legacy. I defy anyone to write down a single idea Limbaugh has ever had. But then, he doesn’t deal with ideas. He deals with punchlines.

Dr. Francis Townsend — Like Dr. Townsend, Glenn Beck is basically an ego-driven nutbag. There’s going to be some serious issues within the Holy Baby Jesus wing of the Republican Party as they try to reconcile Beck’s conversion to Mormonism with his self-proclaimed call from God to lead us out of the desert and into the Promised Land. That wing of the Republican Party doesn’t think Mormons are really Christians, although they are more than willing to accept people who fondle snakes and speak in tongues as part of their annointed in crowd.

It’s gonna be ugly but it won’t be boring.