There’s no doubt in my mind that illegal aliens crossed the Arizona border and helped these three convicted murderers escape from a Kingman, AZ medium security prison (MEDIUM security?). Here’s the probable scenario: the illegals paid a coyote $2000 to sneak them across the porous Mexico/US border. They brought with them five pounds of crack cocaine, a bale of kick-butt marijuana and 100 counterfeit Wayne Newton CDs. They then beheaded a rancher and his family, stole their horses, rode to the prison, sneaked in, knocked out the jailer, took his keys, let these murderers loose, and then went and got jobs as busboys at the Phoenix Olive Garden.

You KNOW it’s true!

It’s not everyday that a guy gets a personal invitation to a birthday party for the President of the USA. I am SOOOO excited! What should I wear? What time will the President arrive? Should I get there early so the secret service can pass me through security? What should I get him as a gift? Transformers? A DVD? A BB gun?

A recent survey indicated Americans hold an 11 percent approval rating of Congress. Heck, they’re hard to like even when you like them.

Some time back, I used the Web to send a message to my U.S. representative, Dave Loebsack. (I support Dave and think he’s a good guy.) In the message (which was triggered by the oil spill in the Gulf), I suggested that we needed a federal law requiring all products that contained petroleum to be labeled as such. My argument is that consumers could then make choices whether or not to buy those products. All of this grows out of my strongly held opinion that we need to get off the oil tit and find alternatives to it.

After about 10 days, I received a response from Rep. Loebsack’s office, basically giving me a canned package of what his communications staff had put together to send to people whose emails would be classified under “Gulf Oil Spill.”

I then hit “reply” to the email and sent an admittedly snarky response indicating that the email hadn’t acknowledged the subject of my letter but was instead simply a canned response. I then got the following reply:

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me via e-mail, which helps reduce our impact on the environment and allows for faster communication. (Snarky Steve comment: 10 days to reply to an email?)

Unfortunately, this e-mail address only processes outgoing mail and does not accept replies.

Please visit my website to send me a message, stay up to date on the issues, and sign up for my e-newsletters to stay informed of the work I’m doing in Congress. It is an honor to serve Iowa’s Second Congressional District; my priority is to provide the best representation and constituent service as possible.

Dave Loebsack
Member of Congress

I was sincererly disappointed with this interaction and will mention it to the congressman next time he sends me a fundraising letter, which, if history is any indication, will for sure be in the next couple of days.


Here’s the first of what I hope are many ads pointing out the flaws in Republican positions….heck, what am I talking about? They aren’t flaws! They are pathological indications of deep insanity, manifestations of hypocrisy and just plain stupidity.

Bristol and Levi are shopping for a reality show…but but but wait! Levi might have knocked up someone else, which puts the whole marriage thing in jeopardy. Sarah’s response: Don’t take my limelight away!

Oh man I cannot wait until 2012. Read what the Snowbilly’s homeys have to say.