Barack “Mr. Alternative Energy” Obama is proposing to open up 167 million acres of the east coast to offshore oil and gas drilling. He’s trying to sell this as a part of a comprehensive energy strategy and to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Huh? Why not work to reduce our dependence on oil, period? This sounds like a bone he’s throwing to the oil industry which, of course, has been impoverished since the departure of the Bush Administration, which they claimed as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Dude, first Wall Street and now Big Oil? <cry>

The first meeting of the Tea Party

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If you burn with hatred for Washington and Wall Street, which do you pick? That’s the dilemma facing our Tea Party friends. It’s going to be interesting where they land on the Democrats’ (OK, SOME Democrats) attempts to reign in the abuses on Wall Street.

Of course, the Tea Party isn’t known for it’s intellectual power, so it may just decide to wave American flags and scream. Which is not real helpful but probably makes them feel better.

Tea Party idiots trying to make sense

Our Death Panel met today for the first time. Pretty much what you’d expect for a first meeting. We did introductions around the room and had 90 seconds to tell a little bit about ourselves. Sort of like speed dating. Next up was some housekeeping by the chair, a Democratic communist professor from Iowa City. Our assignment for the next meeting is to make a list of people we’d cut off from health care in descending order. I asked if “crippled” and “handicapped” meant the same thing. Adjourned at 3:30 pm.

I’m inviting all my Republican friends to the grand opening of my lesbian bondage club in Shueyville. All expense account credit cards accepted! Sen. Chuck Grassley won’t be there…he says he “doesn’t like James Bond all that much.”


Republicans want rich people to run things, Democrats want smart people to run things. Poor ignorant people don’t trust either, hence the Tea Party


A few days ago, I started a Facebook page called “If Right Wingers Can Make Stuff Up, So Can I.” I’ve decided to move my posts from there to this blog for a few reasons. First, I don’t like the fact that Facebook scoops up all sorts of personal information and treats it like their own. Second, I had hoped the FB page would encourage interactivity but it’s been mostly me ranting (not that there’s anything wrong with a rant, mind you). Finally, I have this blog that I haven’t used much and I figured I should.

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