The Wasilla Snowbilly says Tea Party candidates should get their message out through Fox and should avoid the “lamestream media.” Of course this is because the “lamestream media” is prejudiced and out to spread lies about the Tea Party, not because people like Christine O’Donnell (or Sharron Angle or anyone of a number of other nutbags) can’t string together two coherent sentences. To me, this seems similar to blaming your shoes and the gum when you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time; it can’t be because something’s wrong with YOU, can it?

The cover story in this month’s Atlantic Monthly (by Jeffrey Goldberg) ponders the question of Israel bombing Iran in an attempt to eradicate its nuclear capability. You can read it if you want but I warn you there are big words and sentences that go on for six, seven, eight words. There are even semi-colons (these things ———> ; ) I say this simply as fair warning to those of you who support the Tea Party (cut slash spurt artery vein!)

Whether or not you think Israeli would be justified in attacking Iran, the article is frightening in that there are so many NUANCES to the question. For example, how do the Arab countries look at this issue? They hate Israel but they also hate Iran, which isn’t Arab.

But the question for us is what if we had a president whose idea of a nuance was whether to shoot the moose in the head or in the heart? If the president thought that we could America great again by building a giant-ass wall along the border so potential busboys and hotel maids couldn’t sneak across the border? Who thought that allowing Americans who happen to be Muslims to build a house of worship wherever they wanted was un-American?

I’m sure glad we have a president smart enough to understand what a nuance IS. Gingrich, Palin, Huckaby, Romney, etc. make for good cartoon characters but I am tellin’ ya man, we sure don’t want them making any IMPORTANT decisions.

Yes or no, Ms Snowbilly; Do you believe in Freedom of Religion for all Americans? Yes or no?

So what’s up with the people who are speaking out against the establishment of a Islamic center near the site of the former World Trade Center? Do we now have a kinda-sorta Bill of Rights? We better not because the Bill of Rights doesn’t protect the majority. It doesn’t need protection. It protects the minority, the viewpoints that lie outside the mainstream. It’s particularly interesting to see some Jewish leaders coming out in opposition (although to be fair, some have supported the concept of the center). If there is any group that ought to be defending Freedom of Religion, it’s the Jews.

If you look at the people who are most vociferously outspoken in opposing the Islamic center, they are the right-wing nutjobs who consistently pander to goober-snowbilly-inbred Far Right. Sarah Palin…what more can I say? Newt Gingrich, who sometime in the past decade took a couple of stupid pills and washed them down with a glass of delusion…and all the rest of the usual suspects.

It’s really pathetic about Gingrich…righteous horndog, former “history” professor who seems to be bent on proving that he’s either deep into senility or such a complete hypocrite that even the nutjobs will likely toss him over at the first opportunity. The guy used to have ideas…just like the Republican Party used to have ideas…ideas you could argue about, parse, discuss, refute. Now they just have stupidity, catch phrases, and pandering.

Give me one good reason….a REASON…why a group of Muslims shouldn’t build an Islamic center two or a hundred and two or two million blocks from the World Trade Center (now semi-religiously annointed as “Ground Zero.” Under any reasonable understanding of the concept of “Freedom of Religion,” they can do so without interference.

Sorry, as I wrote the word “reasonable” I realized the flaw in my argument. Nevermind.

Looks like President Obama has worked his magic again, single handedly stopping the leak a mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. As the Washington Post says so unambiguously, “gulf waters begin clearing.” Yep, time for the media, which is the only connection those of us unfortunate not to live at ground zero of the tragedy, have. There will be the obligatory followup stories about heroism and loss. But the real stories will shift to Bristol and Levi’s latest breakup, Brangelina’s fortunes, Rush Limbaugh’s diatribes, and whomever is the next kidnapped kid who shows up on the cover of People after being held in some closet and living on canned lima beans for the past 10 years.

What did we learn from all this? Tony Hayward is a moron. Big Oil has a lot of extra cash lying around. Aquatic ecosystems are fragile. Barack Obama cares more about Louisiana than George Bush did. And I’m going to be a little suspicious on my next trip to Red Lobster and order something from waters far away from the Gulf of Mexico..


The only other person I’ve ever seen write on her own hand is a high school girl who works as a checker at the local grocery store. And her penmanship is better.

Whoa! We’ve come a long way, baby! Back in the day, some feminists wanted to change the spelling to womyn in order to keep “man” and “men” out of it altogether. Now the single most visible female politician in the USA is equating political toughness with…um…testicles.

Bristol and Levi are shopping for a reality show…but but but wait! Levi might have knocked up someone else, which puts the whole marriage thing in jeopardy. Sarah’s response: Don’t take my limelight away!