Some people think women didn’t play a role in building our great country until Eleanor Roosevelt got some leverage on FDR by finding some love letters. Not true! Women have played an important, if behind-the-scenes role from Day 1.

George Washington's mother

For example, who taught George Washington not to tell a lie? His dad? LMFAO. I don’t think so! His dad (Augustine Washington whom everyone called “Gus”) used to sit in a bar all day and when George’s mom Mary would call to get him to come home for dinner, his dad always told the bartender to tell her he wasn’t there. No way we could expect that kind of guy to tell a kid not to lie.

A young George Washington and his mom beg his dad to come home from the tavern.


Molly Pitcher, wearing her best satin dress, helps on the battlefield.

There were many, many other strong women who helped launch the country we now call USA. Molly Pitcher is a famous one. While her real name has been lost to history, her deeds have been recounted many times. Most historians think Molly Pitcher is a composite of many women who helped on the battlefield by bringing water to the soldiers in pitchers. This is also true for Molly Stein, Molly Glass, Molly Bottle, Molly Canteen, Molly Bota, and Molly Champagneflute. And of course, women also played important roles as nurses, teachers, seamstresses, and mothers.


Then, in the middle of the 18th century, a new kind of woman arose: the Suffragette.

Susan B. Anthony. She got better looking at closing time.

Led by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, these women were important advocates for giving women the right to vote. Unfortunately, they also thought men were drunken bums and so they founded the Women’s Temperance Movement, which said you shouldn’t drink alcohol. The drunken bums (who, remember, ran everything) said, “No way! And hey, don’t even THINK about voting since the first thing you’ll do is make booze illegal!” They also wrote songs with titles like “The girls all get prettier at closing time” but that’s another story entirely.

In time, women DID get the right to vote which pretty much everyone says was the right thing to do because we’re a much more politically correct country now than we were back then. Well some of us are. The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was proposed on June 4, 1919. Within a month, 11 states had ratified it. By the end of 1919, 22 states had done so and within 441 days, the amendment had been ratified by the states. There were some holdouts:

41 Virginia Feb 21, 1952
42 Alabama Sep 8, 1953
43 Florida May 13, 1969
44 South Carolina Jul 1, 1969
45 Georgia Feb 20, 1970
46 Louisiana Jun 11, 1970
47 North Carolina May 6, 1971
48 Mississippi Mar 22, 1984


Now THAT’S what I call true conservatism!

Anyway, without the 19th Amendment, we wouldn’t be able to elect women politicians to high office! No 19th, no Hilary Clinton, no Sarah Palin, no Michele Bachmann.

So don’t tell me women haven’t played a big and major role in our country! From handing out water on the battlefield to shooting moose to standing up against communist socialists…you’ve come a long way, baby!


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